Published Works

YEAR 47 – HORROR-WRITERS.COM’S 2016 NOVEL OF THE YEAR There once was a creator who watched over you from the Heavens. Who kept you safe from his past and present. Who gave you all that you needed to build your own lives while guiding you home. Who knew your name and loved you. But He no longer existed, and His three houses were destroyed. Your countless prayers have gone unanswered, and your endless hopes have been buried in unmarked graves for forty-six years. With the walls torn away, the three became one. And among the blackened skies and arid soil of the New West walked a man with a gun and no purpose. A Stranger to you and everyone else. But as chance and fate collided, a lonely girl crossed the path he walked, carrying hope that her home was still out there waiting for her. How long can purpose be denied, and how far can hope carry two heavy hearts in an unknown land? There is no Heaven. There is no Hell. There just is. And you will bare witness to Year 47.

BY YEAR’S END: A YEAR 47 ANTHOLOGY – “ONLY AT THE END CAN WE LOOK BACK…”Does hope perish alongside God? From the world of YEAR 47 comes nine short stories of survival-horror in The New West, where humanity is left to judge themselves among the remnants of Heaven and Hell in an amalgamated world orphaned by its creator. Featuring eight of the most talented writers in the indie horror community, BY YEAR’S END shows us where we’ve been and where we’re going, leading up to the events of the Best Selling Novel YEAR 47 (Named 2016’s Horror Book of the Year by whether this is your first step into the New West, or you’re returning to find answers, prepare yourself for a wild ride filled with adventure, sorrow, and terror on every page.


ONCE YOU GET TO KNOW ME – “They say all monsters are scary, but have you ever met one? Come along and meet some of the most famous ghosts, ghouls, and giants from around the world. And if you’re brave enough, you might find them to be not so scary… …once you get to know them.” Once You Get To Know Me is a book of 14 classic monsters that might not be as scary as they seem. Plus, learn messages of tolerance, sharing, family, and love from the strangest characters not too different from you or me.


APHOTIC REALM MAGAZINE VOL 4: DYSTOPIA – Cyberpunk city where the rich prey on the poor. Post apocalyptic, war-ravaged lands where fresh new horrors terrorize the survivors of man. Aphotic Realm, home of the strange and sinister, brings you DYSTOPIA, a collection of frightening stories about decadence, desolation, and other horrors.

APHOTIC REALM MAGAZINE VOL. 7: GRUESOME – Punks, zombies, Ronald Reagan. A slimy creature and a video game arcade. Secret government facilities and experiments gone wrong. All this and more inside! Aphotic Realm, home of the strange and sinister, brings you GRUESOME, a collection of ALL NEW stories, comics, and articles in the realm of gory, popcorn horror inspired by the classics of the 1980’s.


APHOTIC REALM PRESENTS APPALACHIAN HORROR – The woods have many secrets, but uprooting them has its consequences. Take a trip through America’s backyard with eight strange and sinister tales of Appalachia!

DREAMS OF DESOLATION – Eight tales of terror from our favorite writers in the Horror Community

MONSTERS VS. NAZIS – GERMANY, 1944. With a fondness for the occult and a thirst for absolute power, Hitler wanted mythical creatures and legendary monsters to join the German War Machine. The Fuhrer made it clear that he wanted the SS to explore every nook and cranny to find these ancient beasts in hopes that they could master them.

Closing in on something big, German exhibitionists explored an ancient ruin in Damascus hoping to find an ancient monster that the SS could master. They’ve heard rumors of ancient golems, blood thirsty vampires, and demented were-bunnies, and what they found…

What they found, however, was that the monsters that they sought for were not the type that could be mastered.This collection consists of ten tales of monsters of various kind and origin slaying NAZIS. These stories are meant to be over-the-top. Some are silly, some are very dark, while others are just bizarre.

THE DOCTOR & I – ‘The Doctor & I’ is a heartwarming celebration of Doctor Who and its accompanying fandom, the Whovians. Compiled by popular Doctor Who fansite, the book brings together over 80 memoirs and accounts from fans young and old who have been personally impacted and inspired by the series over the last 50 years.


UNDERNEATH THE TREE – Short Story (Hosted by Kendall Reviews as part of their 2018 Christmas Celebration)

A STOLEN GLANCE – A poem written for the Deadman’s Tome Meat Grinder competition.