The Book No One Found

Last year, for the one year anniversary of my book Year 47, I made 10 gift sets to be given out that included a signed book, bookmark, cd soundtrack, poster, train ticket, and telegram.


That wasn’t everything though. I love Easter Eggs, and that prize pack has quite a few, but there was one I was waitng for someone to find.

Except no one did.

See, I hid this book online. It’s even on Amazon right now, just not on my author’s page. You have to know what it’s called to find it. But that doesn’t matter because it was free on site. All anyone had to do was find the link hidden in the prize pack.

Except, again, no one did.

I forgot about it after a while, but then I’m suddenly reminded of it during all this anthology talk. “Maybe I’ll throw a clue out there”, I thought to myself.

Problem was the file in the link mysteriously vanished at some point off this site, meaning the link is now dead, and I can’t replace it because of the datestamp on the file name upon upload. Reroute it? Sure would, except that costs money to upgrade my site. Money I don’t have. But don’t worry. I won’t ruin where it’s at. If you find the hidden link or any other Easter Egg, share it with me on Twitter @infrafan and I’ll update this post later.


Here was how to find it:

Now that all of that is out of the way, I’m going to go ahead and give it out like I wanted. It’s short and meant to be a companion piece to Year 47. It is HIGHLY suggested you read Year 47 first because this is a book of deleted and alternate sequences, including a discussion of the ending. It also has a preview of the anthology with a short poem I wrote.

You can download a free PDF of it here or if you are feeling supportive and generous, you can buy it on Amazon for Kindle. Need another format? Request it and I’ll try and whip it up. After you’ve read it, let me here your thoughts.