Art Friday: Always An Opportunity

So, I’ve been in the hospital for about a week with a bad kidney infection, and drawing has helped kept me sane. So, I offer up this (decent) piece I did today with a BiC pen, an office marker borrowed from a (CNA/RN/?), and folder divider from my info package.

I call it “Pulp”, and threw together all my favorite retro heroes together. The Batman, The Shadow, The Phantom, The Rocketeer, The Green Hornet, and Kato.

Is it great? No. Is it what I imagined? Not even close. Did I have fun? Absolutely.


One comment

  1. Always resourceful, Bo! Pretty swell when done under duress and with what’s available. Actually, make that a hell of a lot better than I could have done in a studio with professional grade materials. All the characters are well represented. Dude, I am sorry to hear that you’re down with a bad time. Hoping that things improve soon!

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