By Year’s End Update

So yet again, I’ve been away a while, but with good reason.

BY YEAR’S END, the YEAR 47 anthology, is almost done.

BYE Ad.png

We’ve all been working hard to bring you the absolute best stories from before the 47th year in the New West.

Alongside my contributions, you’ll get stories from:

Anya Stanley, the queen of horror articles and now contributing writer to Fangoria magazine.

Shawn Lachance, set to rebirth horror-writers into Horror Canada come January.

A.A. Medina, co-owner of Aphotic Realm magazine, Author of SIPHON, and co-host of The Purple Tongue Podcast.

Charity Langley, author of WICKED INTENTIONS.

Baylea Hart, author of THE LOG HOUSE.

Dustin Scyler Yoak, co-owner of APHOTIC REALM and co-host of Geek-Men & The Masters of the Thundernerds podcast.

And Liam Gil, formerly of Roundabout and It’s All Over, making his writing debut.

What can you expect on November 27th? Well…

The best part? You don’t have to Year 47 first. So pick your path, talk a walk with us, and keep watching here and for more.


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