Overdue Updates

Ok. I admit it. I lost track of time here on my site.

BUT I’m here now to give you some updates as to what I’m working on and have been since my last post.

First off, the Year 47 anthology has it’s authors! After going through all the submissions, I have picked out the best of the best. I plan on doing a video announcement soon. In the meantime, they are currently being edited. Can’t wait to brag on these fantastic writers.

Second, I’ve been doing a podcast with Aphotic Realm’s Dustin S. Yoak entitled Geek-Men and the Masters of the Thundernerds. Our goal is to talk about all the things you love without all the hate. Link is in the, well, LINK section.

Also there is a link to The Grey Rooms Podcast, which I have a contributed story there launching very soon. I’d get in on the ground floor now because I honestly believe it’s the next big podcast. Listen to one episode (with headphones) and you’ll hear why.

Other than that, I’m doing some artwork for a children’s book, and am already planning (and writing) my next book. But that will be announced Soo enough.

That coupled with even a few more secret projects, I hope you understand why I’ve been so busy.

But until the next post (which is either soon or another apology), Stay Tuned, and thanks for sticking with me.

Love you guys.

– Bo


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