Year 47 Anthology Submission

I am excited to finally be announcing the open call for short stories for a new anthology. Expected to titled BY YEAR’S END, the anthology will be a collection of tales set in the universe of my 2016 novel YEAR 47 at different points in the time line leading up to the first chapter. From the Zero Incident all the way up to Year 46, your story can be set anywhere, and writing prompts can be provided upon request.


If you’re unfamiliar with Year 47, it’s a survival horror western set in the aftermath of God’s demise, where the remnants of Heaven, Hell, and Earth have merged into one realm, and the survivors have been forced backed to the ways of the west.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it, that’s ok. There’s plenty of time, and if you don’t have the cash to spare to grab or download a copy, I understand. Upon request, I can give you a free digital copy to read.

That said, If nothing about YEAR 47 interests you, then it’s okay to pass, and I expect you too. There are only so many available spots, and I want your heart to be into it. Otherwise, the world will be robbed of a story from you that would have had it otherwise.

But for those who do join me, a flat rate of $20 and a digital copy of BY YEAR’S END will be theirs to claim. Submissions start now and come to a close no later than August to allow proper time to prepare the book for release in October.

So, below I leave the submission guidelines, extend my hand, and welcome you to join me on another walk in the New West, but this time I’ll watch where you go.


Considering the time investment and limited slots available,  the submission process might seem more unusual than most. However, I believe these steps will save precious time for everyone involved. So with that in mind, please do read carefully.

A. If you are interested in submitting a story to the anthology, please begin by emailing me a short synopsis (pitch) of what you think your story would be, OR ask for the availability of a few writing prompts to begin working from. Do NOT send a finished story.

Send your pitch to: with the heading: Y47 SUBMISSION.

Please include your name and Twitter handle in the body as well.

It doesn’t need to be much at all. The most important thing I want to stress is communication with me is welcome. I have undoubtedly left some things back in my brain, so don’t be afraid to ask me any questions at any point in the process, even before the pitch. Once again, a free copy of YEAR 47 can be provided before hand.

B. After the pitch has been approved, you will be supplied with a writer’s guide detailing the mythology of Y47 in the hopes of assisting you to write as freely as possible within the established universe. I’ll always be around to help answer any questions or fill in any gaps I missed in the mythology, but you’re taking part in that as well.

C. This may sound crazy, but there is no initial word limit other than the standard max of 30,000. This will be handled in the editing process. I don’t want to set a limit. Yeah, I’m aware you could submit a one sentence short story. But if I approve it, I thought it was worth $20 and an ebook. Quality over quantity.

D. Final deadline is August 2018 unless arrangements have been made. Story gets cleared, you get paid $20, it goes to edit, and, upon release, you get a digital copy of the book. Then we have a Happy Halloween!

Questions, comments, or concerns? I’m down to hear all of them. Email me or DM me on Twitter







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